This shot is what convinced me to shoot in RAW (RX10)

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Chris59 wrote:

Read the post again. I'm talking about going over old files and removing the aberrations. If you do it with a JPEG not only is the process less successful image quality wise, saving a JPEG after the process brings an inevitable further degradation to the image. This won't happen with RAW.

The "implication" wasn't that the process wouldn't work but that the process is a poor substitute.

Just to (I hope) wrap up this side discussion between the two of us, I should say this for clarity: If someone - like me - is happy with the JPEG process and results in general, that person - like me - should have no objection to going back to old files and making changes to them, including any lens corrections that have recently become available. If someone is unhappy with the JPEG process and results in general, then that person probably shouldn't and probably won't be doing those things with JPEGs.

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