35mm equivalent not good for portrait ?

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Re: Watch this video -- Effects focal length has on the face

AustinB wrote:

Bouddha wrote:

I also looked at the video but it looks really exagerated compared to what my X100s does.

The video is misleading. It doesn't address distance. He's shooting head shots, which you wouldn't shoot with a 35mm or 50mm.

To the OP, yes you can use a 35 equivalent, but back up. I usually shoot at least 5 feet back with a 35/50mm equivalent. If you want a head and shoulders shot from that you'll need to crop and lose some resolution. The photographer in the video seems instead to have simply gotten closer and closer to the subject, which would obviously be a critical mistake.

He aims to keep the framing consistent, and obviously mostly for demonstration purposes... he demonstrates the reason why you wouldn't shoot head shots with wide angles.

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