System Switch - Have you done it?

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Re: System Switch - Have you done it?

Remember the eBay and paypal fees. You're going to lose at least 13% of whatever you sell the gear for - factor that in.

Definitely best to try/rent/buy the Fuji before leaving the Canon. fwiw I wanted to like the XT1 but really didn't. The Fuji lenses are very nice across the board. I just didn't like the handling of the body (ergonomics are a personal thing), and shooting back-to-back with Sony FF, I've gotten spoiled by the FF files. There also is the raw workflow issue - I use either LR or Aperture and neither support the Fuji raws very well. While it may just be a "matter of time" it's been awhile and there are still issues. Yes, there are other raw converters, but not everyone wants to change their workflow. Also, if you do shoot video, the Fuji does it poorly.

That said, if you like the manual control dials, and you like the jpegs you see from people, then Fuji is a great choice. Great glass, nice size/weight, and the company certainly seems to listen to their customers and value still photography.

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