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I don't get all the fuss over these "refreshes". D4S behind glass in Vegas, then all the hype up to the offical announcement. Don't we know all this is coming? And that the update will be different from the current?? I'm in Toronto and we have snow. But I'm reasonably certain that sometime before July it'll all be gone. Same as all the cars will have some updates next fall. Same as new camera bodies get updated every so often.

And as I've said on here before, Nikon seems to have taken its cue from the snowmobile manufacturers. Build it one year; correct what it can the next. Last year Polaris's Rush was the cats ass, but for 2015 the chassis has "93% new parts" which means there's 7% in nuts, bolts and rivets. So Nikon needs "refreshes" to fix what they fooled up the last time. Too bad its come to that.

Is this what you really think? So, what you are saying is that Nikon should have waited until it they had the technology/parts/whatever to release the D800 in the guise that they are about to deliver it in now?

No, I saying do their due diligence, not get slack on QC, and put out bodies such as the D600 and D800 as they should have been put out. There's no reason for the D800 AF to be worse than the D700 or D3S, but it is.

There are thoughts that the D700 was just as bad, just that we didn't see it due to less resolution

I think those thoughts are wrong.

I'm not so sure. I have just checked a few of my 85mm f1.4G shots from my D700 and what I thought was ok, I have since been more critical and found that there was indeed what appears to be back focus. It isn't so prominent because the res of the D700 didn't show it up at normal view and wasn't until I zoomed in that I noticed that it wasn't as perfect as I had thought. It isn't a lens I used all that much on my D700 (or D800/E for that matter) and certainly rarely on the left AF points, so I didn't ever notice it until I did a recent critical look.

We have become more critical of our images since the D800. It might be simply that they weren't great then and on a second look now you realize it. Either way, not enough info to draw any conclusions.

Possibly not from my few images, no. However, there have been reports from others on this matter as well. I wish i could remember where these comments were on these forums.

So there's ABSOLUTELY no need for me to have to buy another body because Nikon no longer takes enough pride in their products to have it working properly when they sell it to me. I don't expect them to hold off new features until I'm ready; I also don't expect to have to buy a new body because they slapped a D800 together and didn't bother to test it. I've got snowmobiles to take that money. I'm fairly certain that no one at the faxtory ever rides one. Snowmobiles that is.

You are assuming that the D800 is going to be released simply because of the so called left AF issue

No, definitely not. See below

, which I am certain is not the case. The lastes D800/E's have not had the left AF issue, so there is no need to release a refresh just for that.

No definitely not. I had what was probably one of the first D800s in Toronto. No left AF issue. My 800e has no left AF issue. So for me personally, the left AF issue never happened. And I have absolutely no problem with the release of an "s" model. I do however, firmly believe that the 800 AF ( overall ) is not what it should have been due to slackness on Nikon's part. And I would not feel good about having to buy one because they chose to be slack ass before, and now decide that they can put at least a D700 / D3S level AF in there. If they put in upgrades / new features that I felt were "must have" then I wouldn't mind spending the dollars for it. But I don't want to have to pay for the AF system I already paid for.

I don't see where you are coming from. I think the D800 is fine as I do not really find any real fault with it released as it was and is. I see no problem with an update or refresh either. They are reportedly releasing a refresh for better high ISO, better AF generally - which is just a logical progression of better AF not to fix any issue perceived or otherwise, faster frame rate/write speed and maybe more.

I'll try it again. As new models come out, they leap frog older models. The AF of the D800 did not leap frog either the D700 or D3S.

AF was not the gain that was not what this camera was about, the big news was the 36Mp sensor and the better high ISO as well. AF was an incremental advance, IMO.

It's readily apparent on BIF. The D700, and particularly the D3S locked on easier, ans stayed locked on better than the D800. I was out shooting this past weekend. I went to a trade show, so as not to have too much expensive gear in the pickup, I took only a 24-85 non VR and the gripped D700 with Sigma 150-500. Later in the day I came across two bald eagles, the first I've seen in Ontario. After three or four shots in the tree they flew away. They were really too far from me but I wanted to see how it would do, focus wise. There was some light precipitation in the air, it was -10C, light was dull and the D700 locked on the one I followed focus on and most of the half dozen or so shots were in focus. That was with the eagle close to the ground, so half the VF was filled with white ( snow ) and the eagle was flying past a dark, treed background. The D800e would have been nothing but blurred images. Been there with it. And really the D4 AF blows the 800e away when it comes to BIF. As it should??, but the 800e should be closer.

This is where we differ. I have found that the D800E is much better at focus acquisition and focus lock. My keeper rate from the D800E is much higher than from my D700.

Same here, my D800 has better focus acquisition in low light than my D3 (cannot speak for the D3s or the D4 but I'm pretty sure the D700 is not really better than the D3).

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