Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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darngooddesign wrote:

Bokeh is absolutely definable as the out of focus areas caused by depth of field.

You can have more or less, which is user controlled.

You can have good and bad, which is a characteristic of the lens. For example, I think this is bad bokeh, like someone blurred an area and then ran a really harsh sharpness filter in photoshop. While good/bad is subjective if most people consider the quality of bokeh from this lens to be unpleasant you can then objectively say that the lens provides bad bokeh.

When people say a photo has nice bokeh, they are referring to a combination of how much and how good the quality of the bokeh is to them.

Absoluetly correct. Their opinion of it does not make the bokeh actually exist or not. The blur IS there and it is the only REAL thing that can be called bokeh, anything beyond the blur is subjective, and cannot be defined in a concrete way for all. A real thing CANNOT exist only in the mind. Opinions about the qualities of the blur--soft, harsh, are all in the mind and do not define a real thing or phenomenon.

In other words, definitions are definite, they have to be, if they are not definite then they are not definitions.

Not necessarily. "Warm" has a definition despite the fact that someone from the equator assigns a different temperature range to warm than someone from the arctic does.

Bokeh is the way the lens/camera combination renders the out of focus area. That's a concrete definiton. Different lens/camera combinations render it differently.

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