A7r 24-70 at 70mm vs EM1 12-40 at 40mm (80mm EFL)

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Re: Please Read more carefully...I did, but I looked even more carefully....

LTZ470 wrote:

Doesn't make sense to me Eric, I'm comparing real world reality output, resizing doesn't make any sense to me at all...otherwise I would just buy a 3Mp camera and be "good to go"...

Actually, yes. I was just looking at some images, on screen, from a 6Mp camera, and, without zooming in, these are really decent images for on-screen viewing.

The photos posted have really shown me that the A7r is not as great as I thought it to be and that the limiting factor is FE glass and the FE Mount...

Hard to say, Nikon does well with the 36Mp sensor and their lenses. The FE lenses so far have been reviewed and given stellar results.

I wonder if you are trying to hard to match the output of a lower, restricted camera, and find that FF does not buy you much. Or, had the other camera been a 6Mp camera, you would likely make the same conclusion.

And, under equivalent terms, you are biasing towards the smaller format camera, which will be sufficient for what you need.

In the end, resolution is resolution. Do with it what you want. You can throw it away, and say that less resolution is more, or you can properly process and say that more resolution is better. Up to you.

I'm sure with the 24mm f/2 it will be great for Landscapes and with 55 FE it will be great for portraits...tempted to try with an A7 for sure, I think the 36Mp sensor is limited by the FE Glass and FE Mount, where the 24Mp sensor may not be when using the 24-70?

Aside from the vignetting (which gets corrected), the prime lenses do extremely well. The 24-70 is a decent lens, just not at 24 and 70, like most Sony made zoom lenses (marketing?).

Fwiw, the 24Mp sensor does much better with the WA RF lenses - it retains sharp edges and has much less corner fall off than the 36Mp sensor. Also, lenses appear sharper, as they are less pushed to maximum resolution.

But it has an AA filter. And a lens-limit can be viewed as an AA filter. A higher resolution sensor with AA filter (lens) should still outresolve a lower resolution sensor with AA filter (but not limited by lens).

I may be out on a limb here, but I suspect that the compact design of the 24-70 may put the exit pupil closer to the sensor than is recommended for the A7r (see WA RF discussions). This may perhaps explain why the 24mm and 70mm corners and edges are not stellar.

Put the same lens on the A7, this sensitivity gets lowered, and your results will improve.

Frankly, the 28-70 lens on the A7 already does quite well. Note sure why one would upgrade to the 24-70 for the A7.

Nope doesn't look good for the A7 either, basically same findings as mine...


Phillip is looking for critical sharpness, and he highlights the edge/corner falloff as excessive for the format. It is a negative, and seems to be A7r prone. You can overcome the falloff in most PP tools, but not the softening aspects.

Downsampling does not fix this, you'd have to crop away. Or use a different lens.

However, this is only at the extremes, the lens performs superbly in between.

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