Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

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Re: Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

BorisK1 wrote:

Jennyhappy2 wrote:

So who is debating between the Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X? Seems like the winner may be who gets to the market first, but the P8000 will likely be smaller with a faster lens.

The (rumored) 1/8000 shutter speed would certainly be an advantage (no need to drop below f:8 in broad daylight). But G1x's sensor is significantly larger.

In 35mm terms:

G1X II's lens is equivalent to 24mm f:3.6 - 120mm f:7.

P8000's lens is equivalent to 24mm f:4.9 - 120mm f:8.

So far, we don't have enough information to compare the two. AF speed, body size and weather sealing (or lack thereof) could make a big difference. I wonder which one will have more DR?

Your f/stop calculations are a bit strange IMO.

I'm sitting at my desk and light from the window falls on it. Do you think the lit area gets darker if I use a smaller desk?

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