Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

slimandy wrote:

guitarjeff wrote:

Bokeh is defined as “the effect of a soft out-of-focus background that you get when shooting a subject, using a fast lens, at the widest aperture, such as f/2.8 or wider.”

i agree with this first part. It is the blur due to shallow dof.

Not really. The blur you get has to do with focal length, distance to subject, distance to Bg etc. just as much as it does DoF. You can get more blur with a longer lens even if DoF stays the same. Some people confuse the extra blur with bokeh.

Bokeh is the quality of the blur, not the amount. For example, is the blur soft or fuzzy; how have highlights been treated? You can't really define it as some people like one look more than another.

Simply put, bokeh is the pleasing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph.

That's a better way of looking at it but I'm still not sure you have a good understanding of what it means. It has nothing to do with DoF other than you will get more blur with shallower DoF all other things being equal, but that is the amount of blur, not the quality.

You have missed the entire argument.  Of course it has nothing to do with the amount of blur.  A grain of salt is still salt just as a ton of it is.  The salt grains, that's real.  Soft or fuzzy are qualities OF THE BLUR, they are not things themselves.  Saying bokeh IS the quality is a MEANINGLESS statement.  A quality is NOT a thing, it is a description of an aspect of a thing.  What is that thing? BOKEH/BLUR.

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