Getting really excited about a77 II

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Re: Mirrorless pls

tbcass wrote:

BioVipah wrote:

Jokes about how canikon are different in every new generation in 3.. 2.. 1...

Canon and Nikon are very conservative in their designs yet out sell everything else. The Pros who own a 4D aren't going to run out and replace it with the new 4Ds because it offers nothing of substance in improvements. If something works stick with it. The A77 is a great camera that does the job. Any new model won't offer anything significant that will appeal to a photographer for the money other than the appeal of new and different.

I don't know about that. People wanting video for instance, might be quite impressed with the night and day difference the newer generations of cameras bring.

But overall, still, as a photo camera, I agree that the A77 should not require an upgrade, unless one has oodles of money to blow on an A7r, which is an awesome camera but bloody expensive.'

ps. I was just playing with a Minolta 24-85 RS lens using an LA-EA2 adapter on a A3000, and was amazed how good that lens is - yet it's screaming for an A-mount body with IBIS. Back to the A57... Getting an A77 would have simplified my upgrade, but because of the video differences I feel forced to go E-mount.

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