Battery Problem on Nikon D800: major battery drain & flashing green light when turned off!

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Re: Battery Problem on Nikon D800: major battery drain & flashing green light when turned off!

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None of that is necessary. The flashing green LED is not an error indicator, it is 100% normal that it flashes. It indicates reading and writing and also the sensor cleaning (shaking of the AA filter).

You're correct, it's not an error indicator but more like an activity indicator.

But the fact that it continues to blink after the power has been shut off bothers me. It's like when you have a runaway process on the computer chewing up CPU and memory in the background slowing performance down.

@peter_moy13: Thank you so much for all your feedback - I appreciate it. I'm literally looking at it right now and it's been flashing non-stop for several minutes. I've heard it was a SD card activity situation but I just got off the phone with the Nikon Help & Support line and even the technician over the phone sounded perplexed about the issue!

To answer a previous question, the blinking stops in the "On" position and also when I take out the SD card in the "Off" position. Weird thing is that even though I take the card out and turn everything "Off", the battery still dies quickly.

No, there is no "runaway process", it is flashing because there are some activities needed to be finished before shut down, just like your PC's hard disk activity indicator.

The camera is still doing something when the power is off and that isn't right. (Please don't make me start to stare at my body when it's off, I'm already considered crazy enough!)

I would not worry that much. Enjoy your camera instead. Looking for problems all the time just shortens your life and reduces joy.

Olyflyer: One can't enjoy their camera when there are problems presenting themselves; I'm looking for solutions so that I, too, can increase my "joy" - and in this case, my livelihood. If a change of perspective was all I needed to fix the issue, I'd have done so well before I turned to this community for some technical feedback.

As mentioned above, I just called the Nikon Help & Support team and they were great to help offer some ways to improve the battery problem. Time will tell if it actually worked and they said if it's still doing all the above mentioned issues that it's indeed a technical error and they would be happy to repair it (thank goodness I have a brand new warranty). In the meantime, I'll be purchasing a few more batteries and a battery grip so I can move forward for now.

Thank you for all your help!

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