Binoculars for S. Africa

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I haven't been on safari in Africa but I took my IS Canon 10x42 to Alaska and was very pleased. With image stabilization, you go from seeing the bird to seeing it's feathers. Anyone who tries my Canons and pushes that IS button just says "Wow, unbelievable."

Cons: they are heavy. But I bought an Op-Tech dual camera harness and put then on one side and they don't bother me at all. Also, the front lens caps wont stay on, but the front lens are threaded for 52mm filters so I just put UV caps on and don't worry about them. The final con is they are expensive. They list for about $1900, but you can buy them for $1300 on Amazon.

They have a great, wide field of view. Batteries last a very long time. They are even threaded for a tripod mount.

I would suggest you try them before you buy.

Good luck.

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Thanks, Greg. I read a review by Ken Rockwell who thought that the Canon's were a bit soft when compared to the Fujinons with IS. I don't suppose you ever had the opportunity to compare or use the Fujinons, have you?

No, I've never even heard of Fujinons. I certainly disagree that the Canon's might be "soft." We were in a group in Alaska trying to spot mountain goats from a moving boat. We were glassing slopes probably 2 miles away. I was the first to spot the tiny specks of white slowly moving as they grazed. Most others couldn't even see them after we pointed them out.

Like I said, you might want to try them for yourself. I don't know if Canon has a dealer locator? Here in the midwest, Scheels Sporting Goods carries them. I have hand tremors so they are an absolute must for me, but your mileage may vary. (Edit) I see you are from Chicago. Surely someone there carries them. You might check Calumet Photographic in Oakbrook or downtown. Also, Amazon has pretty painless return policy.

Another poster mentioned the weight issue for air travel. That is a valid point. One of my best friends borrowed mine for a football game. He likes them so much he bought a pair too--but he bought the 10x30's. They are about half the weight and a third the price. I've used them and liked the view they gave. Only negative to his was the switch to turn on IS.  On mine you push a button and the IS stays on until you lower the binoculars or push it again to shut it off. On his, you have to hold the button down.

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