Have you sold to Adorama?

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No, but I contacted them and B & H both

Both offered around $2500 for a top condition D3x with all the OEM stuff, which they were selling at the time for around $3500. As an aside, Competitive Camera in Dallas, which is a large very well stocked professional dealer, offered $1900   Don't hold me to the prices, because I'm sure they shift frequently according to market conditions.

I don't think it's a shady deal, it's just that they have set a price point at which they think it's worth their while. Since I don't think it makes it worthwhile for me, I don't sell to them.

I don't think this is much different from selling a used car yourself vs selling to a private individual.

If you don't feel comfortable with eBay it's kinda the only game in town. Personally, I think I'm better off in the long run selling on eBay and recognizing that there are some business risks for the higher payoff.

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