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And again another issue caused by manufacturers adding a retarded video feature on a still camera. I blame the stupid consumers who think they can shoot watchable video handheld on any still camera. Ooh, HD video awesome uuh. You could as well use a cell phone.

Trying to cramp video features on still cameras only results in design compromises and more horrible video on youtube. Stop this madness. Make better still cameras and better video cameras by keeping these separate.

A camera can't have a high-refresh rate EVF without cramming video into the camera. The issue being discussed is not related to the video in a camera, it's caused by the I/O ports that any digital camera needs, with video or without. It's helpful to focus on the real problem at hand. Fuji will no doubt fix the problem going forward, and offer a fix for those currently afflicted. Just like Canon did with their $3,500 5DIII light leak.


The IO ports in question here are microphone input and HDMI output, which aren't needed for still photography. Yes obviously there is video technology to produce images for the LCD and EVF, but it does not mean that there needs to be subpar video recording functionality crammed in.

Video in a still camera just doesn't work, it only complicates the design and leads to inevitable compromises.

Faulty I/O port implementation appears to be the problem, there would be ports even without video. Many Fuji users want even better video in their cameras. This is a tired debate. I used the 5DII for personal and professional video work for 4 years. It was also used to shoot TV network and cinema dramas and combat documentaries (not by me). This only proves that video in digital cameras is useful and desirable to many, just not necessarily to everyone.


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