Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

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Re: Definition of bokeh, simply gibberish?

bigpigbig wrote:

guitarjeff wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

What a long post about something you don't understand or grasp.

And I notice you offer no explanation for your statement, noted. And long post? I have seen far far longer.

Put simply, like it or not, bokeh, IS the quality of the out of focus areas.'

Wrong.  Like it or not, 2 plus 2 DOES NOT equal 5.  Your statement has no meaning.  If it IS the quality, then define that quality for me?  YOU CAN'T

There are several aspects to bokeh that make it more or less desirable.

To you, or to many?  If I like it, and you don't, does that mean there is MORE bokeh for me and less for you?  Is it subjective?

It has NOTHING to do with how out of focus something is. Only the quality of the blur circles (that might not even be circular, but that is another story).

I never said it had anything to do with the amount of blur.  The amount of blur is only one QUALITY of the blur, some may like more, some may like less, amount has nothing to do with it's actual existence.  If bokeh is a THING, then it is definable with concrete parameters, if it is subjective, then it's not definable.

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