Is image stabilization really the stuff?

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Re: Is image stabilization really the stuff?

Modern sensors work well in the 400 to 800 ISO range, so getting adequate shutter speeds isn't a problem unless you only take photos inside dark empty churches!

Higher shutter speeds have the following benefits:

1) You freeze subject motion - image stabilization with slow shutter speeds is useless in this regard

2) Tracking subjects is easier without image stabilization. The first advice for BIF and aircraft photography is to turn off image stabilization

3) Shutter or mirror shock is not a problem at higher shutter speeds. Image stabilization systems can't remove these effects

4) No need for sensors or lens elements that rattle and shake as you move the camera

5) Simplifies the camera/lens design - one less thing to go wrong

6) Camera/lens size and weight is reduced

7) Fixes the lens elements or sensor position in the optimum place for image quality

Image stabilization is only useful for fairly static images in very low light situations and modern sensor high-ISO performance is reducing the need for such systems in nearly all situations.

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