A7r 24-70 at 70mm vs EM1 12-40 at 40mm (80mm EFL)

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Re: A7r 24-70 at 70mm vs EM1 12-40 at 40mm (80mm EFL)

andre700 wrote:

Just my two cents.

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André F

Correct Andre, in the center areas, but in the corners and sides it doesn't out perform it actually blurs the details to mush...

Do not agree. After resizing and a tiny bit of sharpening, they are quite equal in the corners, however as you get futher away from the corners the A7r surpasses the MFT.

We'll have to agree to disagree...at 24mm focal it's much more pronounced...mush...

At 70mm it's still not that great to be honest...definitely wouldn't use "equal"...just cropped with Preview on my Apple Macbook to close to ~equal sizes...

But take the same photos and print at 30 X 20 and who could tell the difference hanging in a frame? Unless of course you left the corners and sides in the A7r shot and even some in the extreme lower...

As printed pictures the difference is probably isignificant. But then, if a picture is printed, framed and placed on the wall, it stands for itself and there is nothing to compare it to ...

My point is quit simple; you can not compare results if they are not presented on equal terms. The only difference that counts is "real life" difference.

André F

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