Japanese "ume" blossoms with SEL1670z + 5N

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Japanese "ume" blossoms with SEL1670z + 5N

So finally after a week of bad weather I had a chance to snap few pictures with my newly acquired SEL1670z. I am quite happy with this new lens ~ great handling, colors, contrast, just the right size and reach. I've also shot some noobish test shots of brick-walls and yes, the corners get blurry occasionally at f4/16mm, or 35mm, but not consistently - so perhaps I cannot line-up straight test shots, or the image stabilization plays a random factor. Anyway, this doesn't bother me much, as I am happy with the overall look. Basically, and subjectively, the results look nicer to me than the kit lens (SEL1855), but it's not about sharpness, but the crispness, color etc.

Also, when comparing the Zeiss with the kit lens, it is outdoors when the real difference stands out (to me). Taking test shots indoors didn't really tell me much.

To sum up, I like colors, contrast, and the overall package. The things I don't like are perhaps related to 5N - reluctant focus on close subjects (had to use DMF, see below) + distortion at 16mm (see last photo).

Disclaimer: I am photo-noob, all my observation are highly subjective.

Below are few shots of Japanese "ume" blossoms from Kyoto.

Here the 5N couldn't focus on the flower, no matter how many times I tried, even when tapping it on the LCD display. So in the end DMF saved me. I wonder if the newer cameras work better with the autofocus?

At 16mm the distortion seems much bigger than with the SEL16 pancake lens. Can it be fixed?

Question: Is the NEX-5N compatible with SEL1670z, or do I need to download some firmware? As shown on the last pic, it seems the distortion at 16mm is bigger than with the pancake lens. Would pictures taken at 16mm be corrected with newer cameras, such as A6000?

As I don't want to spend time post-processing, I would like in-camera corrections, if possible.

Sony a6000 Sony Alpha NEX-5N
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