What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Yes, they are retro...

John Rausch wrote:

Steam powered next? Wind-up maybe? I don't get it. Seriously, I'm not trolling, I want to know the appeal.

Anyone who says that the current Fujis aren't retro are kidding themselves, but there are a couple of things to consider.

Electronically they are not retro.

Functionally they are retro, but not retro for retro-sake without regard to functionality. I had an X-A1 which allowed me to set ISO, Exposure Comp, Aperture, and Shutter Speed using the rear control wheel and the unmarked dial which controls Exposure Comp on all the other Fujis, and software menus, but for whatever reason I find it more satisfying to control those things with dedicated dials. Maybe its because I learned photography on manual SLR cameras. Those dials allow me to adjust the settings without turing the camera on and sating at the back screen.

Styling-wise they are retro due to the fact that cameras used to look like them and modern cameras don't. While there are other capable rangefinder style cameras, like the very good GX7, I don't consider them as stylish. I find that having a camera that I really enjoy having around means that I'm more inclined to bring it places with me.

I also like that I can get all these things without paying 10x as much for a Leica.

TL;DR. They are retro in the same way that the Ducati Sport Classics are and the Urals aren't.

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