What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: What's the big deal with the retro thing?

dotjon wrote:

Why make ugly products if your company has the talent to design a product well? There are numerous living examples of good design of products where the main innovations were already made decades ago, and if the use cases haven't changed, all subsequent designs are just iterations. Suits, leather shoes, watches.

I wouldn't mind a modern looking camera, but so far nobody has managed to make one. DSLRs are utilitarian, mostly formless blobs which aren't ugly or pretty, they just "are". I commend Fuji for their product design, they have taken visual cues from old equipment, but improved on them and as a result, in my opinion which seems to be shared very widely, X-T1 is one of the best looking cameras in the world.

There's a lot more to it than just the retro part, it has balanced proportions and everything just fits together. Compare the top plate for example with the Sony a7r:



It's like seven different Sony engineers just assembled the thing together out of parts they happened to have at hand without talking to each others.

I went to a photography expo just today, which gave me a chance to have a play at the E-M1, X-T1 and A7r.

And I have to agree with you: while I could still navigate the E-M1 and play around with it to check its capabilities (since I had the E-M5 previously) and test the X-T1 to see what all the hype is about, it didn't take me even a minute for me to put the Sony back down after picking it up.

I'm sure the A7r is a capable tool, but it doesn't look fun to use at all.

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