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Re: Woodtick Love

four under wrote:

Thanks for the tips Norman. I love old trucks and equipment too. I once paid $8 admission to get in to an event just to take pictures of an old 5 ton International they had on the grounds. Love your RAW definition.


1938 International

I forgot to mention woodticks. They can be nasty little critters depending on conditions and the time of year.

Taken in the early evening 15 Aug 2007. The wood box is slowly rotting away and the grass has taken over. You can still see what remains of the box on the left. I would have spent more time and taken more pics but the grass was crawling with woodticks. Hello and goodbye. lol

The person who bought this truck passed on ages ago and the farm was passed on to his son. Persons unkown broke the headlights and other glass.

Feel free to download this pic if you like and good luck.


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