Why no D800 M-RAW equivalent to Canon?

Started Mar 4, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why no D800 M-RAW equivalent to Canon?

jfriend00 wrote:

diverroy wrote:

Why? The canon sRaw is not true RAW as it throws away information to make the file smaller.

The D800 has many options that makes the file smaller keeping all the information intact.

What full sensor options for smaller sizes other than pre-baked 8-bit JPEGs, does the D800 have?

The D800 has several options, 12 or 14 bit, lossless compressed, compressed, or uncompressed. Read the manual.

The point of reduced RAW format is to still be able to shoot full sensor, still retain most of the adjustability advantages of RAW, but not be burdened with such large file sizes in processing.

12-bit compressed raw is still using the full sensor, just like 14-bits uncompressed.

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