Geneva Motor Show: A77 meets Minolta colours (test shots & chasers)

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Re: Geneva Motor Show: A77 meets Minolta colours (test shots & chasers)

Michel J wrote:

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

I think also part of the issue is lens selection. The 100 2.8 macro is probably fine for outdoor photography portraiture, but indoors it may struggle to handle the light situation. Usable definitely, optimal, probably not.

A better lens out of Michel's options would have been the 50 1.7 in this case. An 85 1.4 lens would have been ideal in this environment.

True Jimmy, after I saw my shots it was to be my plan to get the 50mm F/1,7. I will use it today.

The DOF is tricky with the 100mm to follow the action fast, yes the 85mm should be better (but I didn't have one).

I also noticed that the era of Beercan, B-Beercan and secret HS is over for me, not really suitable for really HQ images with a 24MP APS-C (they are sharp --especially the 28-135mm-- but images seems "cottony" a tad, at the same time, like David Hamilton's rendering a little) and I have a total of 6 copy for all. So it's confirmed to my side.

But I don't want to sell (I want to use these lenses for the rendering and caractere they have, for some situations). And also I'm waiting for the FF generation next...

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Michel J
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I agree, I simply do not use my minolta lenses on the A77 at all for this reason since upgrading to some newer lenses. They are not bad, just not the best. They do however work fine on the 16 Megapixel cameras I have. I do use the Minolta glass on my a37 but generally in good light. The 50 1.7 is still pretty good indoors. The 50 2.8 is very sharp.

For the A77, I stick to the following lenses primarily: Sony 16 - 50 2.8, Zeiss 50 1.4, Sony 70 - 200 g. Prior to owning these lenses I would stick to minolta primes on the A77, such as the 50 1.7, 24 2.8 and 50 2.8 The primes still seem to be fine, but I think they would be better on a FF camera. My beercans get little use these days, as I always grab for the more expensive glass, in search of sharpness and nicer overall rendering. The Minolta 28 - 105 still gets used on occasion on the A37 when I know I want the flexible middle range reach, i.e. portraits and zoom flexibility.

Still, I am keeping all of my legacy glass for the time being as they may get a new lease on life on FF if I ever get there, and they can be fun to experiment with from time to time. Otherwise I may start selling some stuff to finance a new purchase, but have not decided yet.

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