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I don't see the argument

Holger Bargen wrote:

RICOH would buy SONY?

Am I silly? Don't know. But I just saw that Sony sold ist Computer branch VAIO. So, why not the camera branch?

SONY does a lot of great innovation in the field of the camera market - but they are not successful as they fail to use these innovations for building cameras that are optimal for practical use. If I take a Sony into my hands - these camera feel like toys - don't like that.

PENTAX stands for cameras that are optimized for the users - maybe not the latest technologiy but for work in the field you will find no better camera that is easy to use, that fells good in your hand, that is easy and reliable to use, that is a perfect tool for your job. To me PENTAX is the APPLE (in times of Steve Jobs) of the camera market (hope the customers will notice this in the near future).

So, These companies mixed up would be a perfect team. Sony is in trouble - and (I am not an expert) RICHO seems to be very successful.

Both companies use a technology that was invented by MINOLTA and which seems to be the key-feature for further development of technologies at least for the APS-C sensor.

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1) Sony's innovation seems to crucially depend on their collaboration with Zeiss. So Sony in itself may not be an asset, although it may have contractual obligations towards Zeiss and vice versa that may transfer to a new owner. THAT could be iinteresting.

2) I don't follow where you say that Sony cameras feel like toys and then conclude that this would be a good asset for Pentax/Ricoh...

3) Sony only recently entered a new relationship with Olympus over cameras and medical devices. I'm pretty sure they want to find out what comes down the tree from that before seeking a buyer for either one of the divisions that are involved.

Lastly, someone said not long ago that the sensor division is separate from the camera business within Sony. So they could be sold separately. But the industry as a whole depends on keeping larger-sensor performance well ahead of what mobile phone chips can do, so you might see knives coming out if someone were to go after the director's chair in chip manufacturing.

What I would admit is probably true is that Sony has messed up the whole issue of lens mounts and brand names for customers, and spectacularly done both at the same time, leading to complete confusion in the market place for anyone that was familiar with the previous model line-up and how it related to lens options.

I'm also sceptical of how that ties in with their philosophy, offered in a recent interview, of doing something completely new every six months. I kind of feel like giving them an award for NOT killing off the RX1 before its second iteration.

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