A7r 24-70 at 70mm vs EM1 12-40 at 40mm (80mm EFL)

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Re: Some crops with Olympus resized to 36 MP

LTZ470 wrote:

CraigArnold wrote:

viking79 wrote:

I hope you don't mind me using heavy crops of your photos, I deleted them off computer when done. My example is much better shown than said...

Here is why I like larger sensor. It only looks bad at the pixel level (besides the top edge, I think your lens is faulty) because the A7R has so many more pixels. If you resize the Olympus to be fair. Simply import into Lightroom and export Olympus and Sony at Long Edge of 7360 (this makes the olympus slightly more than 36 MP since it is 4x3 ratio, but have to pick to convert to 4x6 or 3x4 crop.

The A7R is on the left in all these... Tell me, which do you think is resolving more detail?

Well there we go.

The A7R with a good lens and all its compromises still manages to provide overall better resolution than the EM1 with an excellent lens.

Is there a massive gap? No, certainly not. But there is a gap - and if resolution is important then the A7R & 24-70 is a slightly better choice, even at the corners.

Print size...cause at 100% of both the EM1 would be the one to print, of course you chop 10-20% off the bottom and sides of the A7r shot as well...but that would defeat a 24mm lens purpose?

And in the middle at the right focal lengths (which is where most people will be looking most of the time) - well no contest: the Sony runs off with the trophy.

Which focal length were you thinking?

Lol...another misled soul...when ever you resize a 16Mp shot to 200% and the 36Mp to 100% what do you think you will see...

No, these are now being compared on the same grounds.   People generally give unfair comparisons of higher MP sensors.  What I was showing by resizing the m4/3 sensor is what kind of detail the lens is capturing for an equivalent field of view.

If I don't resize the m4/3 image you aren't looking at the same image area.

Like I stated before try your Nex-6 16Mp at 200% and the 36Mp A7r at 100%...

Same thing, the A7R will look better if you have the same field of view lens on, say 24 mm on APS-C and 36 mm on FF.

Some folks are cringing at the idea of a m43 or even a 16Mp sensor being close to the A7r...me too...

It isn't close at all (except for cropping ability) so same lens on both cameras you will see further away with m4/3.  If you put 12-40mm on m4/3 and 24-70mm on A7R the A7R will come out ahead every time, as I just showed.

Talk is cheap and so is up sizing 16Mp vs 36Mp...lol...

Lets be honest and just use 100% Crops folks of both photos...that would be fair would it not?



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