Geneva Motor Show: A77 meets Minolta colours (test shots & chasers)

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Re: Geneva Motor Show: A77 meets Minolta colours (test shots & chasers)

JamieTux wrote:

Michel J wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

if anything I see underexposure (caused by harsh overhead lights I guess)

No this is not the lights, it's me. I confess that I have to increase my technique to get a better exposure. It was the first "real life" testing with this camera. And "no RAW" so "no second chance"... ( )

I find that I need to overexpose by 2/3 stop to get good skin tones on portraits (I normally shoot raw and do it there to save the highlights!) with the A99, I imagine that the A77 would have similar metering.

Thanks Jamie, I will take a better look to the histogram.

What kind of metering you use? Spot or Center-Weighted for this kind of shots?

In the other hand, It's me or sometimes the EVF (effects to "ON") doesn't return to us a completely faithful representation of the "real life" according to desired exposure? (It appeared one time to me, after I changed many times from "portrait" to "landscape", then I restarted the camera (turn it "OFF" and "ON" again), then everything gone be alright.)

Yeah - it takes a while for white balance to catch up too I like EVF most of the time - but with extreme contrasts or quickly changing light it gets in the way a bit!

If possible, I want to increase skills with .jpeg (exposure, WB, strategies to use light, fill-in, reflectors and so on) because I expect this workflow not require a lot of PP in the end, if I have to use the .raw.

I am only saying this as I am sure that you can deliver much better examples than this

I'm working on it, thanks....

I'm sure you'll be fine

aha, I'm not that guy who try to incriminate the equipment at first, if you know what I mean. So time will tell how much I'm bad ( )

- how do you find your reproduction work with it?

For the repro (offset printing for magazines, I mean), I really like the in-camera jpeg, because it makes images very fat in tones gradation and images are sooo rich in all ...

There is no doubt it's possible to achieve that from the .raw but it cost a lot in PP if you work with care (and not easy to find the budget for a small structure). Reason why I want to try it like this, at first.

And the more I use the A77, the more I think it was made for .jpeg and journalism applications. This camera amaze me every days.

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