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Just tested my copy of X-T1. Yes, it experienced the purple color when I pointed a strong LED light towards the opened side door. Yes, I do do long exposure with ND filters under bright sunlight or at night. Do I use cable release? Can, but a self timer is just way more handy. And X-T1 allows remote control with iPhone. Even better. An issue to me. No. It is me using the equipment, not the other way round.

Just like people complaining how low-tech Sigma DPxM is. The ISO performance sucks. The battery sucks. The control sucks. The file saving takes 10 seconds. RAW files are not supported by 3rd-party softwares. So what? I appreciate the beauty of its low ISO IQ, so I bring along my tripod to ensure the lowest ISO possible, and be patient when taking every shots. If I can wait 30s or longer to do a long exposure, why do I bother with the slightly longer file saving time.

And then my Leica M9P. It's the lowest tech camera I've ever used. It doesn't have AF. No fancy filters. No face detection. No video. ISO performance is not good. File saving freezes once a while. CCD sensor coating has got issue. So what? It takes gorgeous pictures under controlled use. And it costs what? 6 units of a X-T1. Do I expect to be problem free? Never.

There come people jumping ups & downs with issues like this every time, and interestingly some don't even own the specific model. People just like digging out flaws and complaining. Name one single product that is 100% flawless and to the full satisfaction of all people. Many usually don't even realize that there is an issue until someone else points it out somewhere, e.g. Youtube, and then start making a big fuss of it.

Many (incl. myself) want a perfect piece of equipment, while they don't/can't even make good pictures with the equipment. And there are people out there spending more time on phototaking and making gorgeous pictures with their outdated/broken/junk equipment. People call Fuji/X-T1 a shame. What or who exactly is a shame?

With today's pace of new product launch, some/many may even have long sold their X-T1 before Fuji comes up with a solution. So why bother too much with an issue that may affect less than 1% or even nil of one's work (this is for those who really/heavily use their X-T1). Canon 5DIII, Nikon D800E and even Leica M9/M9P/M240 have their own issues. I certainly won't call the X-T1 a high-end one and thus expect it to be problem free.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not pinpointing to anyone. I just want to say that we should all move on, and spend more time on taking photos using the camera(s) we have on hand, than keep on complaining this and that.

Happy shooting, or angry issue-testing & complaining. Either way will do. Solely one's own choice.

Don't like what I said? Just ignore me and move on then.

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