Geneva Motor Show: A77 meets Minolta colours (test shots & chasers)

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Re: Geneva Motor Show: A77 meets Minolta colours (test shots & chasers)

Michel J wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

if anything I see underexposure (caused by harsh overhead lights I guess)

No this is not the lights, it's me. I confess that I have to increase my technique to get a better exposure. It was the first "real life" testing with this camera. And "no RAW" so "no second chance"... ( )

I find that I need to overexpose by 2/3 stop to get good skin tones on portraits (I normally shoot raw and do it there to save the highlights!) with the A99, I imagine that the A77 would have similar metering.

In the other hand, It's me or sometimes the EVF (effects to "ON") doesn't return to us a completely faithful representation of the "real life" according to desired exposure? (It appeared one time to me, after I changed many times from "portrait" to "landscape", then I restarted the camera (turn it "OFF" and "ON" again), then everything gone be alright.)

Yeah - it takes a while for white balance to catch up too  I like EVF most of the time - but with extreme contrasts or quickly changing light it gets in the way a bit!

I am only saying this as I am sure that you can deliver much better examples than this

I'm working on it, thanks....

I'm sure you'll be fine - how do you find your reproduction work with it?

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Michel J
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