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baobob wrote:

Hystery has nothing to do and I find this word very rude in the context to say the least

When you buy any camera especially a hign end one you do not epect to find such an issue

It means that the camera is not usable door open for outdor work

I checked more carefully right now and the very brilliant light in my living room due tothis fabulous (at last!) winter sun is sufficient to create a huge leak as soon as you open the door facing the light

In a semi pro camera this is just unacceptable eventhough using black scotch tape will in the meantime allow to work in safety

I think we all now wait to the Fuji's response to that

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Experience comes from bad judgment

Sorry. Didn't mean to be rude, or offend you.

It was more a reply to the Internet at large.

It is NOT a huge issue. It will affect .001% or less of the total shots taken worldwide.

Yes (1 in 100,000)

And even then, for those that know about the issue, a small piece of tape will not only mitigate it, but eliminate it altogether. There is NOTHING the camera can not do because of this issue.

I am not excusing Fuji. They should make it right. As Canon did (with a piece of tape) and as Nikon never did with the left focus issues in MUCH MORE expensive cameras (D800 and D4).

I own three X-E1 bodies, an X-T1 and 7 X-Lenses. I am thrilled with the X-T1 and the images I am making with it.

I love shooting long exposures. For anything shorter than 30 seconds, I will use the camera's shutter speed and delayed shutter release. For anything longer, I will use my mic jack release (Canon) and put a tiny piece of tape over the HDMI port. In fact, I never use HDMI and will just leave it there.

I might even get black silicone and fill in the gaps around the ports.

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