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Re: Looks like the same old behavior after the update on a K-5. n/t

I don't see it from that point of view though you have a valid view.

The converter is late to the party it's reasonable to assume possible purchases have already bought the lens they intend to use it with.

The goal has to be to sell as many 'converters' as possible before any third parties appear.

I note in the spec stating any 3rd party lens compatibility even with a disclaimer would massively increase the market impact of the converter.

We have a saying cutting off your nose to spite your face.! which is what Ricoh are doing with this product (if it does have 3rd capability).

Potential sales will not happen because of confusion as to it's applicability to users existing glass.

This lack of initial take-up may end up being 3rd party converter sales or even longer 3rd party glass.

so IMO not making a statement on the converter global appeal far from protecting Ricoh assets will have the opposite effect not generating additional lens sales and damping converter enthusiasm .

Of cause if there is no 3rd party working saying that as well would help with purchasing decisions .

Take my case I'm 80% SDM 20% HSM , If the converter worked with all I'd have pre-ordered happily, If it was reported it didn't work then I probably would have still ordered.

Because we just don't know I decided to wait

I will wait for 'user reports and monitor any 'Sigma' response to incompatibility.

Sigma are likely to take one of two paths.

1 release their own converters with both SDM/HSM

2 update FW for Ricoh compatibility.

If Sigma announce option 1 I will not be buying the Ricoh product

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