Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series?

Started Mar 6, 2014 | Polls thread
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Not covered in the poll but....

My plan is *maybe* order one, and give it a real push.

- If it blotches green and magentas like current Merill it goes back

- If B&W can't be used reasonably well to ISO 6400 it goes back (note: I found Merrill with B&W can be used pretty well at ISO 1600 and in a push to ISO 3200, so I am not expecting perfection, just something I can use with some nice grain)

- Not hopeful about decent ISO 1600 in color, but ISO 800.  That's ok- goes in line with my expectations.  But it needs to do B&W well.

- Size is still a concern but not expected a deal breaker.

Before ordering one I would most likely try to convert a few raw files and play with them as soon as there are available.

I feel 50/50 as I may just continue using the Ricoh GR/Pentax Q7 combo I have been using with an occasional Fuji X-E1.

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