Pentax vs. Nikon....are there any Pentax shooters that have used a d7000 or d7100?

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Re: Pentax vs. Nikon....are there any Pentax shooters that have used a d7000 or d7100?

ZenImage wrote:

Thank you, to all of you for your advice and for sharing your experiences. They have been super helpful with putting some things into perspective! In regards to visiting a camera store to test out different systems....uhh...well, Lakeland doesn't have any. Lol. Neither does Tampa. At least none that I am aware of, or that sell Pentax! (I still have yet to confirm whether or not Orlando has any) That has been my biggest road block; finding a retailer for Pentax...where I am currently living, if it's not Canon or Nikon, it isn't on the shelf. I have had to resort to tons and tons of online reviews and videos of the K-3 in order to piece together an idea of what it may be like. I can say this definitively though; I was not a fan of how the d7100 felt in my hands. That's at least another piece to the puzzle figured out. I think that lens selection would really be the only major deciding factor in favor of the d7100 for me. Canikon have an arsenal of lenses, as well as third party options. I was a little worried that Pentax seemed to have a short lens list (I agree with pairing that beast of a sensor with complimenting features to boot with glass that won't hold it back)....though they do have a line-up of lenses that they are looking to release (side question: can the k-3 take Q mount lenses? I herd at some point that you could use older Pentax lenses, but is that also true for other Pentax bodies?? I know some are mirror-less, but I don't know how that works). And I did hear something about a venture to bridge over lens brands! <# . I currently have the DA 50mm f1.8 prime lined up for the K-3, and I'm fairly certain that I'm gonna take that leap. Again, thanks! All of your feedback helped tremendously. Thank you as well for the best wishes!!!

*Hopefully I responded to this ok...I'm also new to forums, in general.

Best regards to all


I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to finding local stores that sell Pentax gear, Jessica. For reasons I'm not sure I understand it appears all but perhaps the least expensive point-and-shoot Pentax cameras DISAPPEARED from stores in THE ENTIRE SOUTH maybe 20 or more years ago.

When I bought my first film camera in the mid-80s it was a Pentax K-1000, and at that time, not only camera stores, but even department stores had Pentax cameras. Today, when I do searches, I can't find them listed ANYWHERE in the South -- not even in the super-big cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, etc. (I'm in Upstate, SC, right off I-85 close to half-way between Atlanta and Charlotte).

When I was making my decision 2.5 years ago I was split between the Nikon D7000 and the Pentax K-5, but ended up going with Pentax when I realized I could use an existing HQ AF lens I had from the 90s (135mm F2.8 -- which I just recently discovered is selling USED, TODAY for more than I paid for it 20 years ago!). I'm glad I did. Today, although I can't "play with" Pentax gear in stores, I CAN generally "play with" Nikon and Canon, and what I saw of the D7100 let me know that my decision to stick with Pentax and buy the K-3 (and also get a K-5IIs when the prices hit closeout) was also the right choice. The lack of built-in wifi (which Pentax is accomplishing with a dedicated FluCard is the ONLY shortcoming I can see on the K-3). If you don't consider that, it's BY FAR the most advanced, sophisticated, professional-level APS-C camera on the market, and if you buy one I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

You can also get adapters for any Nikon lenses you may want to keep, but there are a good many Pentax brand and Pentax-compatible lenses that are high quality and reasonably priced I think you'll find very suitable to whatever application you need to address.

The ONLY lens-type NOT made for Pentax, at present, WAS a Tilt-Shift lens, BUT now the manual-only lens maker Samyang/Rokinon has come out with a manual-focus Tilt-Shift lens for all mounts, as well... And since their lenses are generally less expensive, it's well below the price Canon and Nikon charge for theirs (although I've yet to read any reviews of it, so I can't speak for it yet -- I DO have their MF 8mm Fisheye lens, though, and I'm very pleased with THAT)!

Happy Shooting!


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