Changing lenses or 2 DLSR?

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Changing lenses or 2 DLSR?

Hi everybody

I have a specific question using wide angle and normal zoom lenses in travel photography. Typically walking trough cities.

Walking through the streets you have tipically the situation that your normal zoom which begins at 18mm isn't wide enough, so you have to change to an ultra wide angle zoom beginning with typically 10 mm.
I the next moment you realise you have to take another photo with a longer focal length, so you change anew lenses.
I have now the following two options: either I get a Nikon 10-24 with which hopefully I don't have to change that often lenses, since the long end is a little bit longer than usually it is with ultra wide angle lenses, or I get a second DSLR for the SAME price, in this case I don't have to change lenses at all, but I have to haul around two DSLRs.
If you have or had similar problem or experience, please report, because I can't really decide which would be better. I'm interested also in the handling of two DSLR as walkaround.

The two options are
Changing lenses: D7100 + Nikon 10-24 + Nikon 18-105

No lens change needed
D5300 + Sigma 8-16 and
D7100 + Nikon 18-105

I have already the Sigma. The big question is, should I get a Nikon 10-24 and change lenses (having less weight with me) or should I get another DSLR body (D5300 or D7000) for the same price as the Nikon 10 24 would cost and don't have to change lenses at all (but having more weight to haul around).

You have to imagine a very normal shooting situation in travel photography (cities, tourism).

Please comment only on your own experience if you are using 2 DSLRs in such a situation or if you are changing lenses (wide angle / normal zoom).

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