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Re: This is not quite a complete answer

Bob GB wrote:

Adding a TC to a lens is similar to magnifying the image formed by the lens in this case by a factor of 1.4. Doing so, you reduce the resulting sharpness (resolution) of the lens by the same factor (1.4) which is a reduction of 29%. r preference. I strongly suggest you try it out with the lens in question.

Sorry this is incomplete.

The first thing is image resolution is made up from sensor resolution and lens resolution. If the lens combination and sensor each measured independently have equal resolution you 29% is reduced to 14.5%.

Some sources indicate the best sensors now have about twice the resolution of good lenses at optimum aperture.

If this is true the image resolution loss becomes less than 10%. Test sites (Canon MTF stats in particular) and my own experience with a 36 MP body indicate the loss is about 10% - providing I keep my long lens technique high.

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