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Re: Fudged ISO documented.

John Carson wrote:

Chanthis wrote:

Well, I guess that ends the aura of high-ISO supremacy of the X-E2, and probably the X-T1 as well. Dpreview has documented that Fuji fudges the ISO, and hence requires more exposure.

It doesn't require more exposure. It requires higher ISO.

Kudos to dpreview for clearly making this point, and explaining that the ISO fudging is largely responsible for any perceived noise advantage.

It only matters when comparing cameras using poorly designed tests, i.e., the way DPR does them. It's not a factor for the majority of actual photography.

IAC, I've never believed that the X-E2 has a noise advantage compared to other recent cameras with APS-C sensors.

Yes yes I think what the guy meant to say was it required higher ISO to get the right exposure. More to get the exposure. Needless to say I'm happy that DPR confirms this disparity. Yes the Fuji's are very good at high ISOs just not quite as high as they claim.

I can shoot the exact same scene with my Nikon with the same settings and I require a higher ISO on my fuji to get the same result.

Doesn't bother me too too much though. Pretty nice review overall.

Or you can use a slower shutter speed or wider aperture. Any suggestion that you must change one specific thing is nonsense.

This is true of any camera. We have to hold certain things equal between cameras for testing to be meaningful.

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