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Re: Got your (the) point ... and agree that there is a problem

Daniel from Bavaria wrote:


thanks for hanging.

After I saw some pictures in the Fujix-forum I now see that the thing more worse than I initially thought. I still think that the kind of test with the torch is not suitable, except to show the principle of the problem.

Agreed. If that was the source of the 'issue', it would be asinine and your original criticisms would certainly stand.

But the real live long exposures are clearly showing that it is an issue. Period - nothing to talk nicer than it is. There are some easy workarounds, but the main purpose of the remote jack is to do long exposures, and if still under these circumstances (normal daylight, remote jack plugged in, etc. pp) the issue occurs as shown in the threat in the fujix-forum, then we definitely can talk about a flaw which may occur under several shooting conditions.

Indeed. I'm really hoping this is a QC issue as I was (am?), literally, a day or two away from pulling the trigger on an X-T1!

So it's now up to Fuji how to react and how to solve the problem.


P.S. With technic-nerd I didn't mend long exposure photography but doing all things of stupid tests, maybe I am over sensible in these regards as we can see more and more of that in the internet.

Fair enough. I reacted strongly because brand-based forums have a tendency to gloss over problems and attack those offering up legitimate criticisms.

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