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kewlguy wrote:

You never have a Fuji? Let alone shooting RAW and converting the files with a proper converter...

K3? OK, which UWA Pentax lens can provide corner to corner sharpness to fully utilize the K3 sensor, btw? I'm a long time Pentax shooter, I still keep some A and M lenses, but sold all of my FA and DA lenses. Switched to Canon, could not be happier.

The best combo is still A7R + Canon TSE for landscape.

My current 'landscape setup' is 5D3/6D with 21 Distagon, 24-70L II and 24 TSE - and I find my X-E2/14mm is very close - and since the Fuji is much smaller, I tend to leave my Canons at home. That, is a fact

I only shoot raw, X100, X-Pro1, X-E1 is the Fujis I had. The X-E1 is actually still in my closet. Re proper raw converters: some are better than others with the X-tran files, but there is not a single one which is better for all types of shooting with these files. So it`s an unacceptable trial and error and workaround exercise for me. Just look at the endless discussions of which raw converter to use with these cameras. Quite unique in 2014, I`d say. I enjoy being out there and take photographs and use a reasonably smooth and robust workflow for PP to limit my time behind computer screens. Your mileage might differ.

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