Binoculars for S. Africa

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Re: Binoculars for S. Africa

No idea exactly what is needed for Africa but I like 8 or 10 power for anything in US. Above 10 can be problem if you are the least bit shaky. Note the size of the 10x42....much bigger than 8x32 so if just buying for trip, ask yourself what space you have.

Might take a look at reviews on optics 4 birding. Nice write ups and I think fair appraisals on each. I went to their store and tried newest mid-range and top-of-line 10x42 Swarovski, Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, etc. I loved the way the Zeiss felt in my hands but ended up getting the Nikon EDG. They felt good, the focus was quicker and the depth of field I perceived seemed slightly better. On any of them you absolutely can’t go wrong.

The difference in image quality between the top of line and more mid-range priced is very slight but there...especially if you use them a lot. All depends on how much you use them (not worth the price for 1 trip and then not using regularly IMHO). The high $ price pairs do have much better warranty.


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