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Re: Take a long exposure with a cable release

Dave Sanders wrote:

LarsLeibgott wrote:

I own an X-T1. I have tried and tried and tried to reproduce this issue and cannot, not even a little bit. I have sensor dust and a hot pixel and some amp glow at ISO 6400, but I cannot provoke a light leak. I tried from all ports, starting right on top of them and moving back, from nearly a parallel angle to directly perpendicular, side to side, shaking the light, with the screen out, with the screen in, through the battery door ... nothing. Not even a glimmer.

So Fuji definitely has a QC problem. But this isn't a universal issue on the X-T1, unless I got the only one ever made that doesn't do this.

Please. I would really like to know if this is a QC or a design issue. The flashlight was only used to illustrate the problem. It is not the problem. The problem results in this:

Light leak photo

I do not have a cable release, but I just took a 20 second exposure shining a flashlight directly into the opened ports and the photo came out fine - no light leaks, certainly nothing like what I have seen in the example photos.

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