Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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So my question is, for folks who have used an array of different formats extensively, how much does this affect real world shooting?

Not at all. As you pointed out, for constant (deep) depth of field, all formats are the same.

This is not quite accurate. At narrow apertures the pixel-level resolution obtainable is also dependent on the effects of noise. Clearly that favors the sensor with the larger pixel size ( i.e. area per pixel ) other things being equal. So, for example, you're still going to prefer the output of a FF system to a P&S just for noise and dynamic range.

I think you may be incorrect. For example, for the same depth of field, a FF needs to be at 12mm F4 and 2 ISO stops higher than a cropped frame which needs to be 24mm at F2. The 2 stops higher counters the larger pixel size, so for equal depth of field requirements, FF has no advantage.

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