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Yet another snapshooter...

Elusivesouls wrote:

Al Valentino wrote:

This could be a disaster for anyone using a 72R filter to shoot near IR. I had an adapter for a Nikon lens which had a light leak. Not noticeable at all for normal shooting but when I shot near IR with my Hoya 72R filter it would ruin the pictures. I found a few work arounds but in the end a $12 adapter fixed the problem. Here, this could make the XT1 a problem for IR without plugging up the leaks.

Well, you got weather proofing plus an ironic twist. Shame the box that captures light can also leak light

Out of curiosity, how many other of your cameras have you thoroughly tested for light leaks? Would this have even occurred to you, had someone not pointed it out?

Every one because I shoot long exposures with all of them.

Do you do pixel test on all of your TVs and monitors?

I don't shoot long exposures with them.

Do you slam on the brakes of your car in rain after getting wet-weather tires?

Yes. Don't you? Knowing how long it takes your car to stop in different weather conditions is an essential part of safe driving. This is taught in all driver's ed classes.

Do you put a 25lb sack in your child's car seat and slam on the brakes to see if it will hold the weight as advertised?

Again, I'm not big on shooting long exposures with my daughter's car seat.

I mean come on.


Go look for flaws in every thing you own. It'll keep you busy for quite a while and I'm sure you'll have a ton of emails to write to all the manufacturers with your findings. Who knows, it could be quite fun.

Good fun indeed.

I get WHY someone would do this and that it is necessary for improvement of the product, but honestly, half if not more of the people upset over it probably would have never even noticed it in all of their months or years of owning this camera and yet suddenly they are complaining about it - and worse yet, looking for it so they can complain about it..

You do realize that the guy in the video noticed the light leak while taking a normal long exposure, right? Not by shining a light into his camera? Or you didn't read that far before you decided to jump in and defend your girlfriend's honour? He noticed this:

light leak sample photo

What an extreme example! I mean, I imagine if your definition of serious photography consists of family snaps and surreptitiously taking pictures around town and calling it street photography, yeah, it's something you might never find. But god forbid you should do something out of the box like (shudder!) a long exposure or astrophotography with a cable release...I know, weird, right? Some people.

That's what baffles me.

Unsurprising that something baffles you.

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