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Im in the camp where this will not have any effect on the type of shooting I do.  I would have never discovered it. The problem I have is that Fuji will fix this in the current production cameras and it will bug me knowing mine has the issue especially if when I sell it down the road the buyer checks or asks about it. I don't want to wait until Fuji comes out with a fix and have to send it off somewhere to be torn apart to be fixed. This will probably handled just like the 5DM3. I guess I will take advantage of the 30 day Amazon return policy.  I will wait 2-3 months or so until it is confirmed fixed and purchased again.

Mine is pretty obvious.  I can rotate it towards the ceiling light and see the purple poor in. I can also see the purple come through when shining the flashlight in even with the lens cap off. I also took the lens off and could see the light come in on the side of the sensor. Im skeptical to those that claim they have no leak at all unless they got the most current one that maybe has already be recitfied.

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