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If you have to ask...

...you don't need it. This is similar...if you can't understand why it's a big deal, it's not to you. However, suggesting that this is a stupid, escapist test is unhelpful. Perhaps asking for a more comprehensive, real-world test? Suggesting that the area will be 'shadowed' and that will eliminate a light leak in a long exposure shows that you rather obviously don't understand how it all works. There is a reason that cameras with OVF's have shutter blinds...even small amounts of lights can spoil a long exposure. Besides, he noticed the leak while using a Lee Big Stopper, not while shining a flash light into it.

If you want to see how painful a light leak can be, ask Sony who will have to do an emergency fix on their A7/A7r series now that they've acknowledged the issue. The light leak on those cameras rendered them useless to me and guess what, beyond being 'in the shadows', their leaks are almost (an important almost) covered by the lens. No shadows, completely covered...but still enough to ruin an image. About half of my serious photography consists of exposures in the 2-5 minute range. If this is the result I can expect from a camera:

Fuji X-T1 Light Leak

That's a big problem. Same reason I haven't bit on an A7r:

Example of Sony A7/A7r light leak

No thanks. Can it be fixed with a plug or some black tape? Probably. Should I have to do that on a new camera?

If you check all cameras on the market in this manner, a lot of them will show this kind of "issue".

He noticed this while using his Lee Big Stopper and just used a flashlight to illustrate what he was seeing. My main filter is also a Big Stopper. This is an issue, not an 'issue'.

Even in bright sunlight, and open flap (because using a remote) this area will be in shadowed, and the main source will be plugged.

See above.

I dare to say, that in 99.999999999% of all situations this will NOT be an issue. So far ahead of the most demanding six-sigma demands.

If you never did anything but take daylight snapshots of a market, you are correct. Will not be an issue. But some of us do other things...like long exposures! And in those situations, it's a problem.

From an engineers point of view I can only shake my head and pity all camera manufactures in todays time.

I can only shake my head and pity all of the things that you have 'engineered'...

People are obviously buying cameras only to search for the tiniest flaw, even if it doesn't matter for any practical application - it's kind of a hobby. Technic nerds, but for sure no photographers with some sense for reality.

Hahaha. I'd say, actually, that you are the nerd who has a fancy camera to take shapshots. Us 'photographers' find issues because we push our gear to the limits to render the vision we have composed in our mind's eye.

To make it clear, I am not defending Fuji here, I am openly blaming the narrow-mindedness of so many users today. Hang me for it, but that's my opinion.

And I'm hanging you for your narrow-minded definition of photography and/or your lack of experience with the craft's more demanding creative reaches.

A shot from a 'technic nerd', not a photographer, obviously

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