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Re: Not that expensive...

Stu 5 wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

Stu 5 wrote:

Why on earth were you shooting at those ISO's when you did not need to? The quality loss due to that is noticeable.

As for the sharpness you do not need to view at 100% to see the issue. It is noticeable and means for some types of photography where the corners are important the lens is unusable as a lot of clients would reject the work or just not bother to use you in the future. If this lens had Sony written on the front and cheaper then it would be acceptable but not at this price or with Zeiss as a brand name on it.

Geez, come on. Have you compared prices? This sits in that mid range price-wise with the Canon 24-70 and it performs better.

So no, this ISN'T priced like a premium zoom. And if you start looking around, you'll wonder why the Canon 24-70 2.8 is going for another $1000. Yes, it's great, but you pay a lot for that and the performance is just acceptable in the corners.

Also, I've actually seen some great results in the corners for this lens, I'm thinking most people don't know A) How to shoot for sharp corners or B) have never owned a zoom. Otherwise, they would realize what to expect.

Well I have shot with zoom lenses from a lot of camera brands professionally and retouched files from various others brands professionally and there is no question this lens is overpriced. I have seen worse but they were cheaper lenses. This lens has a lot of issues for the money and really

Like what? And have you seen any good images posted with it yet? I have and I'm pretty impressed. They certainly match it's direct competition in Canon.

should not be being marketed under the Zeiss brand. The centre is good and the coating is good and at some focal lengths the overall performance is good but else where it is poor value for the

Like where and what? Coating? So what, what's a coating? What does it do? How did it impact the images?

money. Not even talking about 100% viewing as the problems are noticeable much smaller than that. As yet Sony have not managed to show they can design a decent zoom lens for the A7's. Wait and see if the tele zoom performs when it comes out or if it takes another brand to come out with a decent zoom.

You haven't mentioned one parameter and how or why it's bad. I, like you, have only seen the images posted here, so you can only say from what you've seen here.

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