A7r 24-70 at 70mm vs EM1 12-40 at 40mm (80mm EFL)

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Re: A7r 24-70 at 70mm vs EM1 12-40 at 40mm (80mm EFL)

LTZ470 wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

Cole, this seems to be a focusing problem - but do consider:

http://phillipreeve.net/blog/rolling-review-carl-zeiss-vario-tessar-t-fe-424-70-za/ :

Looking from the perspective of a landscape photographer I am rather disappointed:

From about 28mm to 60mm the performance is quite good, most of the image is super sharp from f/4 and the corners are sharp stopped down. The corners aren’t as sharp as those of some of my better primes but they are good enough in my eyes.

The corners at around 24mm are lousy. Period.
I don’t mind if corners aren’t sharp at f/4 as I am shooting at f/8 or f/11 anyway, but they never get sharp.

Performance at 70mm isn’t to great either, at f/4 the images are somewhat soft, sharp enough for web images but not for bigger enlargements.
Central sharpness is good from f/5.6, but even stopped down it won’t be sharp from corner to corner.

and look at the lens charts for both lenses:

FE24-70, showing M10, M20 & M60

Oly 12-40 Pro showing M20 and M60

But the Oly doesn't come out unscathed either: 'good' is a relative 'soso' rating here:


Resolution at 60mm for Oly 12-40


Yes, the Nex 18-55 kit lens ... it is slower, but scores almost the same!

Nice try Henry, but this is the 12-40 f/2.8 I am using the graph you have posted is for the 12-60 Oly...yes I also took test shots at 33mm and 32mm on A7r and EM1 respectively, and will post results later...

Nope, not a focusing problem, corner and side blur due to distortion...hard to correct with a lens so small...

haha good find!! Guess we got to have the correct MTF charts to start with! 12-60mm is not a pro zoom.

I would have thought that the 24-70 lens at f8.0 would have had substantially sharper corners, Wonder how the Canon 24-105 f4.0 performs at f8.0 for corner performance?

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