A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

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Re: Leak confirmed on my A7 (1 photo)

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I can reproduce pretty much the same image with my FE 55mm and shining my LED flashlight at the side of the mount while taking a long exposure photo with len cap on. It is little disturbing. ;(

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Just don't take any long exposures, and you'll be fine.

Even if you take any long exposures, you'll be fine, as long as you don't shine a flashlight around the mount. This appears to be a completely artificial problem.

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Gary W.

Actually it's not only long exposures. I did a little test @ 1/60 sec ISO 800 with strobes in the room. The problem is not "artificial" but it's NOT something to panic over either. It's easily corrected with a hair tie. Go to the bottom of the post here and see what 1/60 sec ISO 800 looks like.



I wasn't concerned when I thought this would only come up during long exposures. But now that I see it can happen with faster shutter speeds, I am considering sending my A7 back and waiting until Sony sells them fixed or provides a new model in the future. I still haven't sold my 6D. Hmmm.

Guess the hair tie, rubber band, or whatever mod job will be required to seal off that leak! Hope sony comes up with an fix soon. The longer they wait the more A7(r)s will need to be returned for warranty repairs, and this can be a very costly for Sony.

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