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Al Valentino wrote:

Elusivesouls wrote:

Al Valentino wrote:

This could be a disaster for anyone using a 72R filter to shoot near IR. I had an adapter for a Nikon lens which had a light leak. Not noticeable at all for normal shooting but when I shot near IR with my Hoya 72R filter it would ruin the pictures. I found a few work arounds but in the end a $12 adapter fixed the problem. Here, this could make the XT1 a problem for IR without plugging up the leaks.

Well, you got weather proofing plus an ironic twist. Shame the box that captures light can also leak light

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Out of curiosity, how many other of your cameras have you thoroughly tested for light leaks? Would this have even occurred to you, had someone not pointed it out?

Do you do pixel test on all of your TVs and monitors?

Do you slam on the brakes of your car in rain after getting wet-weather tires?

Do you put a 25lb sack in your child's car seat and slam on the brakes to see if it will hold the weight as advertised?

I mean come on. Go look for flaws in every thing you own. It'll keep you busy for quite a while and I'm sure you'll have a ton of emails to write to all the manufacturers with your findings. Who knows, it could be quite fun.

I get WHY someone would do this and that it is necessary for improvement of the product, but honestly, half if not more of the people upset over it probably would have never even noticed it in all of their months or years of owning this camera and yet suddenly they are complaining about it - and worse yet, looking for it so they can complain about it.. That's what baffles me.

What baffles me is you missed my point completely. It was about a light leak for IR with a filter where tiny amounts of visible light add up over the long exposure with a nearly black filter which passes the near IR spectrum.

For IR work light leaks are a killer, period. Also lenses with IR hot spots like the 18-55. That lens is bad for IR work while the 55-200 is excellent as is the 14 and 35 so not all lenses are IR friendly.

As for your other questions, No to all of the above. You would be hard pressed to find a post of me complaining about any of my camera or lens, ever. If you would have 'review peaked' you would have understood my concern.

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Fuji Silver XE1 w/14, 35, 18-55, 55-200, Rokinon 8mm Fisheye & Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro

You can get defensive, that's fine. It doesn't change any thing. In your situation, you would be impacted by this and it would have shown itself to you one way or the other.

THAT makes sense. A product with a flaw that impacts your intended use is obviously something to be concerned and considered heavily. Absolutely logical.

What doesn't make sense is all of the people now testing the camera, discovering the problem, and suddenly THE ENTIRE perception of the camera has changed. That may be over exaggerated on my part - but it is the perception and the blow back of what is occurring.

-My point is this, what we now have here is people who would have never even been affected by this in the slightest, because of their particular use and purpose of having this camera, are now looking at it and raising their arms in protest. Again, some exaggeration, but you know what I did when I read about this light leak issue (at first)?

I furrowed my brows, looked at the camera, said, "Hmm." and moved on. You know why? Because it doesn't impact me. It hasn't impacted me. It very likely will never ever show itself in any of my photos. Ever. I don't take the type of photos that this problem apparently reveals itself in. I'll never know probably. I'm not going to test the camera for it. Why? Because what would be the point?

You could take a XT-1 owner and let him use the camera for years and he'd never know this was a problem. Unless, like you, he uses it for a purpose that this would impact.

Now what you have is we've taken that XT-1 owner and told him something is wrong with his product (shocker). Now he's up in arms and testing it to see if it really is true. Now he's mad. Now he wants something done about it. Now he is going to post about it and raise heck about it. Everyone needs to know.

Guess what? If he had never been told this was a flaw with his product, he probably would have never noticed. 9 out of 10 times. Maybe that ratio is wrong, maybe it's not - but the point stands. If this doesn't impact you, why go looking for it? If it's a big enough problem, those who it actually DOES impact WILL NOTICE (because it shows up in their results) and WILL let Fuji know and it WILL be sorted out. Otherwise it's a limited issue and it doesn't really matter in the end - cause we've already established EVERY product you own is flawed (yes, even within it's intended use and specification.)

While we're looking for flaws...

Walk up to your wife and pinch her stomach to see if she's fat, guess how far that will get you? Not far at all. It won't end well. So don't do it.

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