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Re: I think we all know it has nothing to do with education.

Corkcampbell wrote:

The reasons for m4/3 adoption are clear, including portability, video capabilities, and the realization that most of us don't need full frame sensors and expensive white lenses.

His education comment may have been tongue-in-cheek. I just finished working for a decade at a university in Beijing, and am now studying the Korean education system. These two systems are designed to help students pass tests, not innovate. Most of my Chinese students (who all go to the US and UK to finish their bachelor's degrees and get master's degrees), just return to work in some bank because of family connections. In ten years, I've only had one student return with an idea of starting a business, but she is a woman which makes it almost impossible in the Chinese business culture. Even the Chinese government is worried about this situation (lack of innovation skills). As for Korea, it seems to be similar. Great TOEFL and GMAT scores, and a degree from a US university means you can find a "better" spouse...

Anyone complaining about the US education culture is probably doing it on an Apple or Windows computer, sitting on a Boeing plane, and checking his or her Facebook/Whatsapp account at the same time, and contemplating getting an MBA from an EU school...oh, wait...MBA from the EU...?

Well stated. That has been my experience to a lesser extent, as well (i.e. I don't travel in Asia. I just study the systems from afar, so your direct knowledge is more immediate). There are lots of things to be done in US education, but figuring out how to better teach to the test is not one of them.

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