What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: What's the big deal with the retro thing?

DaveLemi wrote:

I think the appeal is that it looks cool, but I don't miss these "retro" controls one bit. Most people use aperture priority and Auto ISO, so that eliminates 2 awesome dials (shutter speed and ISO). How about the exposure compensation dial? Is it easier to control comp using your index finger or by contorting your hand to adjust the dial? Yes, my Contax is a sexy beast, but as far as ergonomics, it's terrible.

Having said that, if all I did was shoot landscapes or something as deliberate, my opinion my differ.

The comp dial is conveniently located and easy to use on Fuji cameras. Hardly different from the programmable wheels on other mirrorless cameras. Only that the Fuji is not programmable, which is fine with me.

And yes, aperture priority is the most common operation. This way you can use the aperture ring in the left hand, comp dial in the right thumb. And if you have vintage lenses, which I have 5 Olympus OMs, the aperture operation is essentially the same.

Having a "retro" aperture ring is definitely not a bad thing. Ergonomics or otherwise.

Digital cameras moved away from lens mounted controls more likely due to cost, not ergonomics.

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