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Wars, let's have one here.

WT21 wrote:

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yanisha wrote:

The United States has never ranked at the top of international education tests, since we began comparing countries in 1964, yet has been the dominant economic and innovative force in the world the entire time. Despite this fact, a popular annual education report has once again stoked fears of America's impending economic mediocrity with fresh stats on how far the U.S. “lags” behind the world in college attainment, pre-school enrollment, and high school graduation.

The reason for the apparent disconnect is because ..

.... the USA bombed Europe flat in WW2 and were the only remotely industrial power to survive intact throughout the 1950's

There corrected the article for you.

Hardly. Do a little more research, eh? Pretty sure Germany leveled a few bits here and there (London, e.g.). Russia, too. Also, Britain did it's fair share (Dresden: 722 Brit bombers, 522 US, according to the Wikipedia entry). In case you hadn't heard, it was a World War.

But no, the US just came over to Europe and flattened it for no good reason. What's the emoticon for roll eyes again??

Everyone was bombing everyone else. All part of the business of keeping armaments makers as rich as possible.

Even Australia, remote as it was in those days, had the crap bombed out of Darwin (more bombs dropped on Darwin than on Pearl Harbour) and Japan did random shelling and torpedoes into Sydney from submarines, plus many ships sunk all around our coast by Japanese subs and German  raiders. Truly a world war. I was in nappies then so wasn't involved.

USA had to go to war to help Britain, otherwise they would not have their war loans repaid.

Regards..... Guy

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