Noise, artifact, and CA question

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Re: Noise, artifact, and CA question

Bob Corson wrote:

Noise is about the sensor and the amount of light getting to it. So in low low light requiring higher ISO's there is more noise.

Hi Bob. Thanks for replying. This makes it sound like aperture does affect noise to some degree.

Post processing can remove noise relatively easily especially if you shoot RAW. . . if you are not printing large prints higer ISOs are ok without adversely effecting the printed image.

I am definitely interested in learning how to do the simpler adjustments in RAW. No clue how big I would print anything since I am not a professional. Just a tactile/texture.contrast junkie who originally went to school for find art/life drawing (which should help me choose and compose pictures). Now I literally sculpt bodies (through massage) to realign people to help them feel better. I also need the camera for taking pictures for my web site ( handouts for clients, testimonial pictures, and a possible self-treatment book I want to make somewhere in the future. I could probably buy anything 4/3" or larger for my business needs but this purchase is more for hobby use, so that is why I am being finniky.

As far as chromatic aberation and other lens issues are effected by aperture but again especially if you shoot in RAW format are relatively easily corrected and depending upon the software used it is done virtually automatically.

Great. The last graphics program I bought was a Corel Graphics Pack circa 1996. The next question I will probably post will be regarding if there is a program out there that works better for PP-ing pentax images. I am guessing there is not but I am sure there is one that is more non-professional friendly.

...if you are taking pictures in low light or where your lenses are giving CA or vignetting etc then you will need to pp to get rid of it.

The types of images generating CA that I am most concerned about are the high contrast pictures. Most of the time I see reviews talking about street signs/lights, trees, and birds having CA when photographed against a bright sky. It, also, seems to happen in all of the test images on here that look at how small of lines the camera can photograph before they blur together. Whatever that test is called. I am sure that the later is not a real-world concern and only really matters to pixel-peepers.

Again, thanks for your insight.


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